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Websites are an asset to a business. Their highly-responsive behavior and optimal indexing for optimization make them the highest-grossing resource for every business.

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Mobile apps are a love that you can spread out for your customers. And when filled with perfection, no one can think about surpassing you in the business race.

Branding & Creative

Brand your product like a baby on board, and spread the word like a jewel for free. Well, that is how Devify Solutions can make you sit back, relax and just see your business growing.

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Embrace your clients with a professional ambiance. Our graphic designing work can make you stand out and leave a professional impression on your every client.

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Get ready to brace the impact. As Devify Solutions is going to make your business rise with its high-end digital marketing solutions.

Website Designing

Websites are an asset to a business. Their highly-responsive behavior and optimal indexing for optimization make them the highest-grossing resource for every business.
Website Development

Devify Solutions have tons of racked and unique designs available to make your online appearance up to the mark. Alongside that, we have the best tools and the expert web design and development team.

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Mobile Applications

We create apps that can win the heart of your customers and increase your audience. This is how you can quickly grow your business and push back your competitors.

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Graphic Designing

Leaving a professional note or luring the audience is mere like a walk in the park with our graphic designing services. Count on your products with attractive designs that will fascinate your audience.

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Branding & Creative

Bring a new product out or refresh the existing product with the Devify Solutions’ branding and creative development services. Just give a fresh new look to your existing design or an entirely unique and attractive color to your new brand.

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Digital Marketing

Never rest at less as Devify Solutions has the perfect plan to market your products online. We offer every digital marketing service that you need with the best quality and affordable price.

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Website Designing

Websites are needed by every business. Indeed, they serve as an always active sales rep. And in the course, if your website is not giving you the due benefits then you need the best website design services to make it proactive.

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Devify Solutions houses perfection. We bring quality to your business operations, making every transaction smooth and easy. Our services are aligned to bring you the perfect online resource you need to make your business popular so that you may grow and develop. Further, this is how success meets your business:



Our objective is your success. And that is accomplished by targeting the enhanced conversion and ROI for our services.



Achieving goals is mere our hobby. But that only happens because of our firm and effective strategies.



There is plenty of technical resources out there. Well, we are aware of every resource. But only use the best for your business.



Our extensive analytics lets you have a comprehensive analysis of our performance and the targets achieved.

Latest From the Blog

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Web and Mobile Apps go Hand in Hand

The web and mobile apps are entirely two different resources. The web apps require web development techniques while embedding a database. On the other hand,mobile apps are strictly based on mobile app development SDK. Well, that is what the basic science tells. If you ever ask the successful businessmen of the modern world, they may simply tell that the web and mobile apps go hand in hand. In a way, the web apps are the comprehensive elucidation of your concern, prospering consumer ease, and wellness. While mobile apps are all about putting yourself in the consumers’ shoes.

It is an old concept that you need to be on your toes to serve your customers. Getting web development services is surely a good idea. But topping your resources with mobile app development can bring a serious increment to your revenue. Experts like Devify Solutions define the relationship between web and mobile apps. Like: 1: Web apps are perfect for every user who loves to visit his profile using a computer;
2: Mobile apps, ease the customers who always tend to look into their parcels while on the move.

This clears up an ambiguity on how the web and mobile apps work together. Though they might not function together. But in terms of business, these are your assets. They can make your business:

i: Cover a mass audiences, as the web and mobile app users are summed to make a huge amount;
ii: Gives complete control to the management to look into their varied platform performances;
iii: The analytics are enhanced and covers a major portion of the performance and;
iv: The revenue cycle can double up if you took expert web development and mobile app development services.

The world is advancing fast. Tech is surely moving up, but the consumers’ approach is also moving towards the ease. And combination of mobile and web apps is one of the best channel you can offer to your customers. As that lets them interact with you easily. And you get the chance to increase your profit.
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Benefits of Web Development Services

The web development services have become prominent in the present times. Every other business or non-profit organization requires web designing services. The reason is simple, the world has turned today the online resources. And they prefer buying, acquiring, selling and even knowing the stuff from the internet. Well, from the perspective of the consumers, they do not have to move around in the marketplace to find a product. That particular perspective gives an edge to the business community. Being proactive on the internet means you gather more customers. But for that, you need expert web development and web designing services. Well, there are tons of web designs. And each of them has certain benefits for the business.

Here, we have discussed some common benefits of web development and web designing services. Explore them to get an insight:
Reduces Expenses:

Businesses have to spend a lot to reach out to their audience. They spend over a million to market their brands. That leads to an increased cost, and eventually, they to raise the price to cover the cost. Companies like Devify Solutions are noted as the on-budget web development service providers. What they do is that they simply create a website that works as your marketing medium. Since it is the era of the internet and everyone first checks the internet for a certain product. And if they see you there, that means you have got some business to do. But if you are not there on the web, then God Bless You!

On-Time Solutions:

Web development and web designing are required to be completed on-time. If the in-house team does not create you a website on-time. Then you are certainly wasting some vital business. Particularly outsourcing the web development job can save you a lot of time. Because the market developers work on websites daily. And they have segregated their teams for web designing tasks on a website. That way they complete your project timely.

Increased Business Flow:

Nowadays, the physical address of your business is known only to your neighbors. The physical buyers are reducing day by day. As the ease of the internet it attracting them. Indeed a website can multiply your lead. And if an expert like Devify Solutions creates your website, then you are never going to sit idle.
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Exorbitant to Affordable Branding

People who have been dealing with amateur designers know how much they had to struggle. Initially, the design becomes a headache. Then comes the architecture which is just like a throwaway concept. And finally, when they check their wallet, it is all empty. Because a series of improvement takes away your entire budget. Though the independent designers appear to be cheap and flexible. But people neglect a major factor that affects their brand. It is not a criticism of the services rendered by the fresh and amateur candidate. But it is merely a costing analysis.

Well, web designing is surely not the toughest job. However, many businesses noted the price difference in web designingservices. As per them, the independent candidates offer cheap and affordable web designing services for their brand. And comparatively the properly organized IT solution providers exorbitant prices. Well, the factors that they neglect are:

i. The experience level that a company may have compared to an independent designer ii. The revision price

Whether you get graphic designing or web designing for your brand for an expert developer, you seldom need revision. It is just because of their experience and expertise. They are aware of various styles and concepts. And have the ability to create a fresh, new and unique design. Like if you need a unique landing page, companies like Devify Solutions can create you that. And their design would absolutely suffice your needs. But you cannot expect the design to be finalized in one go with an independent designer. Just because, it is a single mind working on your project. And the experience level is neither shared nor contributed. What happens then, you need to get some additional graphic designing services to improve the quality of your brand image.

Doing so, you spend nearly everything that you have pocketed for the branding services. And in the end, the independent designer appears to be exorbitant. Well, if you pick a web designing or graphic designing expert and professional, they would surely save you a lot of money. On top of that, the success chances for your brand are extremely high. Indeed, the conversion is set and ROI is distinguished.
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Double the Business Response with Digital Marketing

The marketing strategies can make your business rise and shine or bury beneath the surface of the earth. Well, does not matter if you ever had taken the digital marketing services for your business. But all that matters is, that if you wish to take the digital marketing services, take it from an expert. Surely, it depends on you that how you wish to take your business ahead. Is it like you want to move up and beat every competitor? Or you want them to be in a position to move ahead of you? A weak campaign can put you in a position that you might not be able to fill up your basic expenses. And the digital marketing services from an expert like Devify Solutions can earn you over a double rep. Even if you have not taken digital marketing services before.
Double the Rep:

Well, that is one of the most practicing elements in the modern world. A newbie comes in, looks for an expert search engine optimization partner. Climbs up the SERP ranking and then rocks the world. Effective digital marketing services can leverage up to 100% results. It is just simple science. Get the search engine optimization services and put yourself on the search engines. And then make your business visible with digital marketing services. If everything is in its correct place, then your results will never dwindle your business operations. Yeah! Do not forget to order another cup of coffee as you might have to stay extra hours if you have rendered strategic digital marketing services.

Expert Opinion:

Experts are never biased. They study everything that goes on with search engine optimization and digital marketing services. They simply relate that if your digital marketing partner has powerful tools, they may come up with a strategic plan. It also takes experience, skills, and market knowledge. And if your partner has that all, your marketing techniques may never fail.

Though, it is hard to ascertain which digital marketer has enough skills to boost your identity and improvise your landing pages. But the reviews, results and analysis can guide you more.
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Why You Need SEO and SMM?

Taking bread and rice together is indeed strange. Both of them are standalone meals. And you would have never seen anyone rolling rice in the bread and biting it. But if you have both of them available, you enough resource for your meal. In the same way, SEO and SMM are the staple resource for every organization. Nowadays when social media have become so much popular, social media marketing services cannot be neglected. You cannot fold your ears and just go for the search engine optimization services, thinking that stuffing the keywords will do the job. Well, the trends have totally changed. And without social media marketing services, businesses do not stand a chance to survive the prevailing competition. Explore social media, and you will also find the giant corporations doing running their social media marketing campaigns.
Why You Should Consider SEO and SMM?
Devify Solutions, an expert digital marketer has researched the needs of social media marketing services and SEO services. They researched the integrative relation between SEO and SMM. Their findings reveal:
Search Engines are Partners of Social Networks:

Most of the people know that search engines show relevant content from the social networks in SERP. They think that, either the content shared on social networks was so hot that search engines could not ignore it. Actually, search engines and social media networks are partners. One of the latest examples is of Twitter and Google.

Multiple Traffic Routes:

The search engine optimization services create a single path of traffic towards your website. The search engine becomes the only route through which traffic drives into your venture. If you see the stats you will certainly be amazed by it. Almost 70-75% of people aging between 18 to 26 check social networks for the products and services before making a purchase.
The stats may simply give you a hint that how much social media marketing services are important. So if you have not reached out to a digital marketer yet, then make your move, before your ROI for SEO begins to linger.
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The Novel Coronavirus and IT Companies

March 19, 2020, Silicon Valley is locked down to avoid the Covid-19 spread. The Covid-19, a branch of Coronavirus is spread in over 175 countries. It is one of the worst pandemics ever witnessed by mankind in the world. Previously there had been SARS, yellow fever, black fever and even the Indian Flu that killed over thousands of people. But Covid-19 is reported as the deadliest yet. However, the bright signs are also there. 90% of the Covid-19 patients tend to recover, and even some recoveries have been reported. Well, we began discussing the Silicon Valley, mighty California, is ordered to stay home and stay away from Covid-19. But some web application development services are still in practice. Thanks to the global networks that are still active and making the IT professionals stay up on their toes. Especially in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus, the consumer is heading more towards E-Commerce websites. And that puts a special emphasis on branding designs companies.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has been in the world for very long. Some say that it survived in the chickens and a couple of other organisms. But some believe that bats were the first to spread the coronavirus. The presently prevailing Covid-19 is a type of coronavirus which originally was revealed as pneumonia. But later it was identified that it was not just the simple cold. It is something relevant to the Novel Coronaviruses family. Some of the UI design experts developed the imagery shape of the virus. It appears much like a spiked sphere with thorny mushrooms on it. Further, three months after the widespread of Covid-19, the SARS-COV2 was discovered. It is a mutation of Covid-19, which has embarked on the fear level in the world. Subsequently, the scientist has identified that it is more severe and deadly compared to Covid-19. Well, some professional content writers have helped scientists explain what the virus is. And here we have gathered some of their research work.

Signs of Covid-19

: The important thing is to distinguish Covid-19 from the cold. As the symptoms between both are quite similar. They include:
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Severe fever
  • Continuous cough
Fever is a common symptom of Covid-19. Along with that, dried throat and respiratory problems are some other signs. Make sure, if you have a membrane in the throat, then that might not be the symptom of Covid-19. Instead, that is the common cold.

The Novel Coronavirus and IT Companies

: Back in November of 2019, some medical companies order social media marketing services to wage the precautions of the ongoing cold. A few branding design companies realized that something is imminent. And after they felt the doctors are worried about a new wave of epidemic diseases, they thought to make the world aware. But they had no clue until deaths from pneumonia were surfaced. Devify Solutions, a marketing services company, followed some of its Chinese partners and clients. They were all depressed under a serious problem causing illness all over Eastern China. Later it was identified that something from the coronavirus family is out in the world. There were numerous speculations and hunches played all around for the surfaced deaths. But it was not identified until late December 2019. The professional content writers got the lead and began writing on the newly erupted virus. But they had no information on what that it is and it would have come up. Amid all the widespread of this new virus, branding designs companies and other IT sectors suffered a series of losses. Though it was all fine till mid-February, 2020. But soon as the virus struck over 150 countries, everything became vulnerable. Despite knowing that something is coming, IT companies were unable to create a defense for themselves. They were just aware of a few things. But social gatherings, such as those in workplaces were not acknowledged. And even no one anticipated them. Certainly, the last days of February shackled the IT business. However, some experts, like Devify Solutions, are still in business because of their viable connectivity.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure…

As of now, there has been no cure found for this pandemic disease. Instead, there are just precautions to prevent it from happening. Here we have them for your service:
  • Drink a lot of water, and do not let your throat dry out;
  • Keep yourself clean all the time. Wash your hands with soap, handwash or sanitize them after short intervals
  • Prevent social gathering, as you may not know who is having coronavirus. And make sure to maintain a distance of 6 feet. Like Devify Solutions, an expert marketing services company changed its officer set up by creating a gap between two seats for 2 meters.
  • Once done with the office, no hanging out, instead go home and isolate yourself for some time.

Certainties and Uncertainties

: The professional content writers might have analyzed a few things. But the branding designs companies did find some potential information:
  • First, Covid-19 is not an airborne disease. It is a transferable virus that moves from person to person through breath, sneeze and cough drops.
  • There is a lot of panic among the masses because of this virus. Even some people are quite frightened because of the prevailing situation. And to protect themselves they wear face masks, gloves, and other protective gear all the time. That is not required. Instead, if a mask gets the germs on it, and you do not wash it with an antiseptic solution, it may become the cause of transferring coronavirus into you.
  • It is sure that Covid-19 mainly affects people with poor immunity, such as elderly people. But youngsters are not even safe. They feel like they are invincible, but that is just a fiction. There are plenty of examples all around the world, and even among some famous footballers from Europe.
The UI design experts are putting effort to make the websites interactive with the best possible information. And doing so, they even found some uncertainties, or in a casual way, false information about coronavirus. That also includes some untested or unverified facts. They include:
  • There is no vaccine created so far for this disease. They are underway, and probably by the monsoon one of them might be introduced.
  • Tension is all about vaccines and drugs. Because no one can sit locked up for long. Amid this tension, the supreme leaders are also worried about their nations. And that worry drags them towards waging an immediate solution. Some meds have been proposed as suitable to reduce this virus. But they are not tested yet. Even one of those is a malaria vaccine and is stated to help coronavirus patients become healthy. However, a major fact is still denied that Covid-19 damages kidneys, so does those malaria meds.
Besides, it is an entirely new disease in the world. The traces are not yet confirmed, and even it is not sure if it will mutate. Certainly, it will take some time and once all of the information on this virus is confirmed, verified and tested, Covid-19 will enter into the list of regular diseases.